Fengqing Chao

Research Scientist

Statistics, KAUST


I am a Research Scientist in the Biostatistics Group at KAUST. I am a statistician with research interest in demography and global health.

I have been collaborating with UNICEF, specifically the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation, since 2012 on developing statistical models to estimate child and adolescent mortality disparities between sex, economic status, and place of residence. I have also been working with the UN Population Division since 2013 on estimating and projection sex ratio at birth, age-specific fertility rates, and sex-specific adult mortality rates using Bayesian approaches.

I have published in journals such as Lancet Global Health, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, and Annals of Applied Statistics.

Fengqing is my given name, and the closest English pronunciation is “Fung-Ching”. Chao is my family name, pronounced as it is spelled.

My CV is available here. My KAUST profile is here.


  • Statistical Demography
  • Global Health
  • Bayesian Modeling
  • Time Series Analysis


  • PhD in Biostatistics, 2017

    National University of Singapore

  • BSc Hons in Statistics, 2012

    National University of Singapore


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Child and adolescence mortality rates disparity estimation

I build statistical models to estimate the disparities in child and adolescence mortality rates across countries over time.

Sex ratio at birth estimation and projection

I build statistical models to estimate and project human sex ratio at birth on national and sub-national levels.

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